Analytics for Faculty Success


Despite a multitude of opinions about the state of academia, comprehensive studies of hiring, publication, and grant-receiving among academics have only recently begun to emerge. This project will use data on the career histories and academic accomplishments of faculty from across the United States to rigorously investigate the characteristics of successful faculty--measured in multiple ways--and thus contribute empirical knowledge to the debate on faculty success. Students will work with both internal and external stakeholders to develop written and analytical products that address these issues. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the involved data, all computations will be done within a secure environment.

Sponsored by Academic Analytics.

Faculty Lead: Peter Lange

Client Lead: Anthony Olejniczak from Academic Analytics

Project Manager: Josh Bruce, Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology

Student Team: Amy Jiang, Amirhossein Khoshro, Kelly Zhang



Paul Bendich , Mathematics


Social Sciences