Working Together to Change the Lives of Children and Families

Wednesday, April 16 2014

Two researchers at Duke, from disparate fields, are collaborating to create diagnostic tools that could lead to early identification of at-risk children through their Bass Connections team Information, Child Mental Health, & Society.

Hart Sculpture Dedication

Wednesday, March 26 2014

We will be celebrating connections among the arts, math and engineering as we dedicate “Geometry Ascending a Staircase,” the new four-part sculpture in the Pratt School of Engineering’s FCIEMAS atrium.

DataFest 2014

Wednesday, March 26 2014

DataFest2014, which took place over the March 21-23 weekend, was a blast with over 100 students participating from Duke, UNC, NCSU, and even a few visitors from Dartmouth! 112 students from 21 teams completed the event and presented their findings to our judges in order to be considered for the awards and glory.

Paint By Numbers

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Duke mathematician Ingrid Daubechies crunches artistic expression into a set of data points. And that may be a very good thing for the authenticity of art. From Duke Magazine